Keep Progressing

8 weeks of Kickstart is just the beginning! Once you've finished, I won't let you slip backwards. My 'Keep Progressing' monthly programme is designed to keep you on track and making progress. A healthy, happy life, forever more!

How it works:

Keep Progressing is ONLY available for those who have completed Kickstart

Once you’ve reached the end of the 8 week Kickstart programme you’ll have the option to keep going for up to 6 months

Either pay month by month for £25 each month or pay upfront for the 6 month super saver at just £120

Each month new workouts, articles and recipes get added to your online area. All designed to take your health and fitness up to the next level.

I’ll keep you focused, motivated and making progress!

What do you actually get?

  • Continued access to your private online area. You can access everything from the 8 week Kickstart programme as well as new monthly content that is unlocked each month
  • In your online area each month you’ll get: 3 new workouts (1 HIIT, 1 bootcamp, 1 interval training session), 4 new recipes to try (1 breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack), 2 new articles to read and new food diaries to fill in
  • You’ll also graduate onto the new closed Facebook group (with option of staying a member in Kickstart too). This new group will keep you on track with monthly goal setting, weekly cardio challenges, step challenge and lots of tips and advice. Plus there’s a reward system in place so the more you put in, the more you’ll get back
  • As part of the online exercise programmes, we introduce weights and all the bootcamp sessions use Kettlebells. This will help take your fitness up to the next level
  • Option to add on VIP whenever you want. During Kickstart you could either opt for either normal support or VIP with daily feedback on food diaries. With Keep Progressing, you can add on a month of VIP feedback at anytime by paying £50. This is perfect if you have a holiday or big event coming up and you need some extra support

How to sign up to Keep Progressing:

Once you’ve completed Kickstart, I will email you a link to set up payments. This is private because it’s only available to those who have already been through Kickstart. All you do is click on the link and follow instructions. You can start at any point and you can stop payments whenever you want. You are in complete control.