Keep Progressing

£29.00 / month with 1 month free trial

You’ve completed Kickstart – woo hoo! Now it’s time to ‘Keep Progressing’!

Health and fitness isn’t something you do for a bit and then stop…it’s got to be forever more. And whilst that may seem a little depressing, it shouldn’t! By now you will know how good eating well and moving more can make you feel – mentally and physically. Imagine how good you’ll feel after months (or even years) of filling your body with goodness and exercising regularly. 

With everything, this monthly membership isn’t about being perfect, it’s about finding the balance that works for you. Plus, we make sure that you don’t hit the dreaded plateau but keep getting fitter, stronger and feeling more and more fabulous. Be the best version of you ALL the time.

I am with you every step of the way to guide, advise and encourage. You are never alone.

For just £30 a month (around £1 a day…cheaper than a cup of coffee!), you’ll get new content added to your online area (as well as keeping access to everything from Kickstart for as long as you’re a member) AND access to a new Facebook group with more structured support from me. Remember your health should be a priority. Think of this as an investment for a healthy, happy future. 



Why Keep Progressing will make sure you stay focused and on track: 

  • With new content added each month, you’ll build up a MASSIVE collection of recipes, articles and workouts. You can access them as much as you want, whenever you want
  • We introduce weights to your bootcamp sessions. Mixing it up with kettlebells, HIIT and interval training will keep your body guessing and stop you hitting a plateau. Just like Kickstart we aim to keep increasing the intensity/ time of the workouts gradually. Even if you do nothing else, your fitness will continue to improve
  • Access to a new Facebook group will give you structured support to stay on track. I will be setting you tasks to complete, challenges to try and encouraging you to plan and stay organised. With the new reward system (just for Keep Progressing), the more you put in, the more you’ll get back!
  • If you need a bit of extra support you can add on a month of food diary feedback for £50 whenever you like. Perfect if you need an extra nudge or if you want to really go for it for a month or so before a big event/ birthday/ holiday


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