Everything you need to know about Kickstart!

No question is too silly or too small and if you want to know, the chances are someone else will too. I’ve included all of the most commonly asked questions below. If you think of one that isn’t there, get in touch and I’ll add it on! If you want more information, remember you can email me via the contact page or lorna@alittlemorefabulous.co.uk or if you fancy a chat, give me a ring on 07894806791.

General questions:

  • How does the programme actually work?

    In 8 weeks I will help transform your health and fitness by combining exercise with good food. This isn't about diet or deprivation but learning to eat and move to feel amazing. Getting your mind on board is a massive part of making changes and together we will tackle your triggers, emotional eating and why we tend to be ‘all or nothing’.

    You have access to your own private online area which has recipes, exercise tutorials and loads of tips and advice to help you get the results you want. Plus in your profile section you can track your progress with measurements and goal setting.

    Each day you then log into your private area to do your tasks for the day. It updates automatically so it is all ready and waiting for you. You get a ‘workout of the day’, ‘food and exercise log’ to complete and an ‘article of the day’ to read.

    There are 5 different workouts each week. There are 2 bootcamps, 1 cardio, 1 interval training and a stretch and relax session. The bootcamps and stretch and relax are videos so you just click play and follow me. The cardio and interval training sessions are both podcasts. You can download them, pop in headphones and head out the door. I am in your ear the whole time to tell you want to do and give you lots of encouragement. The workouts start at 20 minutes and get slowly longer and harder as you go through the 8 weeks so you keep getting fitter and stronger!

    You record everything you eat/ drink and the workouts you do in the ‘food and exercise log’. Writing down everything you eat makes you accountable and think twice about what you put in your mouth. There are loads of recipe ideas, portion size advice and tips in the ‘get prepared’ section to help you make small manageable changes each day. If you upgrade to VIP then I will check your log every single day during the 8 weeks and give you individual feedback - perfect if you need a bit of extra support and motivation.

    The article of the day is the perfect way to educate yourself. I purposefully don’t give you a food plan to follow or a strict calorie guideline because in the long term that doesn’t work. Instead I teach you everything I know about health, fitness and happiness so you understand why certain things do/ don’t work and how to make changes that will last a lifetime. No more confusion and no more second guessing how to lose weight and get fit. This 8 weeks really is just the beginning.

    Alongside all of this, you also become a member of my closed Facebook group. Getting support and encouragement from other ladies (and me) during your journey makes all the difference. Help, support, advice and motivation is on hand 24/7. You are never alone!

  • Should I do Kickstart or Kickstart VIP?

    This one totally depends on how much support you feel you need.

    If you struggle to motivate yourself and you are confused by all the diet and exercise advice out there then VIP might be best. I am in touch daily to give you feedback and support. Little by little we will tweak your diet and get you moving so you get the best possible results. It is completely personalised advice so I will make sure that every change we make will fit in with you and your lifestyle so you can keep it up well beyond the 8 weeks.

    If you already know the sort of thing you should be doing but need a gentle push in the right direction then Kickstart may well be enough. There is support on hand via the Facebook group. With this one, the more you post and more motivated you are, the more you'll get out of it.

  • How does Kickstart work? Will it still get me results if there is no individual feedback?

    If you opt to try the normal Kickstart programme then you get access to the full 8 week programme. The only difference is that you won't get individual feedback every day on your food diaries.

    If you are self motivated and enjoy the support from being in a group, then the chances are you'll still get excellent results with normal Kickstart. This is because:

    1. Writing down everything you eat makes you accountable. Even without feedback from me, it will make you think twice about what you put in your mouth! It also makes it easy to see where your danger times are/ weaknesses which you can then put strategies in place to avoid.

    For example, If you know you are hungry and pick when kids have their tea you can have a snack at the same time so you don't end up picking at bits and pieces and not really knowing how much you've eaten.

    Plus if you are struggling at any point I can have a look at your food diaries as a whole and give you some advice and tips.

    2. You'll still educate yourself and learn what works and why. Every day there is an 'article of the day' and in the 'get prepared' section of your online area are loads of articles and tips. These are based around kind of foods to eat, what you should limit, general portion sizes, etc.

    It aims to teach you how to listen to body and stop eating before you get too full. You will learn how your body works and what it needs rather than relying on calorie counting (which is misleading...see below) or someone telling you what to do - eg. a meal plan.

    Point systems/ meal plans work in the short term but they only work for as long as you follow them because they don't actually teach you how to eat/ plan your own meals/ take responsibility, etc. Instead I aim to help you learn about how to eat so you can keep it up forever!

    3. You'll get feedback and support via closed Facebook group. I encourage everyone to post pictures of food/ exercise in the group as much as possible. It makes you eat as well as you can because you are taking a picture of it and also makes you think about portion size.

    I always respond to pics in the group and say whats good and anything to try/ change next time.

    We also share pics of meal plans for the week so you get ideas from everyone else and also know if you are on the right track with what you are planning. I can give you feedback and ideas to make food plan as good as possible and if you then stick to what you've planned you can't go wrong.

    It also works well as if you are going out we can all look at menu before hand and advise, etc. Basically the more you put into the group, the more you'll get out of it!

  • Why is Kickstart VIP worth the extra money?

    Normal Kickstart is obviously fabulous but if you struggle with motivation and feel like you don't know where to start with your health, then VIP may be the option for you.

    It is more expensive but it is life changing.

    You get everything you get in normal Kickstart but you get feedback from me every single day. I am like your own personal cheerleader and support system!

    Each day I will look at your food diary and give you things to try/ change the next day. We never aim to overhaul everything all at once - it is about small manageable changes that you can stick to.

    I also check you are doing enough exercise and make sure you are staying on track. If you miss a day filling in food diaries, I will follow up and make sure you are ok.

    I still encourage as much participation in Facebook group because it is great to see what others are eating/ doing exercise wise and it is good for group support.

    With VIP you also get welcome pack in the post - which has food planner, calendar, vision board, fitness tests and workout tracker in (with normal option, it is emailed to you).

    After 8 weeks, we will have developed healthy habits that will last a lifetime. I will be with you every step of the way to help you achieve your goals. Be excited with VIP it is ALL possible!

  • How much weight will I lose?

    This is one question I just can't give an answer to!

    Every single person is different and weight loss comes down to many factors, including what your starting point is. Generally the heavier you are, the quicker you'll lose weight but again, it depends on you as an individual.

    For this reason, you will set your own goals when you start. Never compare yourself to others - this is your journey.

    I personally prefer to take the emphasis off weight loss and look at how healthy and happy you can make your body. Weight loss will often be a result of improving diet and moving more but it is better to look at your health and well being as a whole.

    Weight can also be misleading which is why we encourage you to take photos and record your measurements. Step away from the scales. After all, fitting comfortably into your clothes, feeling full of energy and happy is much more important than random numbers on a scale!

  • I’m going on holiday in the 8 weeks- what happens then?

    It doesn't matter! This 8 week programme is about real life and making fitness and good food fit into your lifestyle. It is NOT a strict restrictive diet where you have to live like a hermit for 8 weeks and not socialise!

    If you are going on holiday, great! Have fun, enjoy yourself and keep doing the programme. As long as you have wifi/ internet connection, you can do the programme from anywhere in the world.

    This is about balance. Learning to live and enjoy life whilst staying as healthy as possible. It is all achievable - I promise!

  • What will happen when I’ve signed up?

    1. Welcome email.
    This will have a couple of quick forms to fill out - a medical form and a lifestyle questionnaire. These are strictly confidential but the better I know you, the better I can help you.

    2. Welcome pack.
    If you are VIP then you can look forward to receiving your welcome pack in the post. If you are normal Kickstart, I will email it so you can print it at home.

    3. Log in details and induction.
    With all the housekeeping out the way, you'll get your log in details sent to you so you can get into your own private area online. When you first log in, you'll see you are on an 'induction'. This gives you a chance to explore and get prepared and ready to go. There are loads of articles, tips and advice in the 'get prepared' section, alongside more than 50 recipes. Plus you can fill out your profile with current weight and measurements alongside your goals and what you'd like to achieve. There is also a link to our closed Facebook group so you can join us and say hello! Everyone is incredibly friendly and supportive. You are in safe hands!

    4. Get started.
    How long you want on your induction is up to you. Some like a few days and some like to wait until a Monday to start. It is whatever suits you best. When you are ready to go, you just email me or message me via facebook and let me know. Your 8 weeks will start the next day.

    5. Go through the 8 week programme.
    Everything is automated. Each day you just log in and your food diary, workout and article to read will be ready and waiting.

    6. I am always here if you need me.
    Throughout the programme I will be in touch and you can get hold of me at any time. If you are VIP, I will give you feedback every day but I am always in the Facebook group. Just give me a shout if you need any help at all.

    You can do it! I will help make sure you achieve ALL your goals!

  • I've tried to lose weight/ shape up before. Why is this programme different?

    Weight loss/ getting fit/ healthy is hard. Yes you can follow a diet or a meal plan and you will probably lose weight (if you stick to it). However as soon as you stop following it, the weight creeps back on.


    This is because you haven't actually learnt anything from the 'diet' and it hasn't tackled any of the emotional attachments we all have to food.

    My 8 week programme is designed to educate you about what works and why so you understand your body.

    Plus (and most importantly) we look at triggers and how to get your mind on board. Self sabotage and being 'all or nothing' is very common and learning how to deal with certain situations without turning to food is essential. Together we can put strategies into place that will help you for the rest of your life.

Exercise questions:

  • Do I have to be a certain level of fitness to do it?

    No! All the sessions start at 20 minutes and get a little longer and a little harder each time so it will build up your fitness slowly and safely.
    Plus, I give harder and easier options in every session so you work at your own level.

  • I’m already reasonably fit will I still benefit from the programme?

    Yes! Each session can be adapted to suit your level. If you are already pretty fit, you will be able to do all the harder options and really push it in each session. It is guaranteed to take you to the next level of fitness.

    You will have a go at (non scary) fitness tests in week 1, week 5 and week 8, so you will see your progress!

  • I do other exercise classes/ belong to a gym do I have to do all the sessions in the programme?

    No, this is your journey. Everything is flexible and designed to fit into your life.

    You can tweak it and adapt it as much as you want. If you already do exercise, you can just use that instead of some of my sessions or if you already have a good level of fitness, you can do both. The most important thing is to listen to your body and have at least one rest day a week.

    It is also good to mix things up so have a go at everything on offer. As soon as your body gets used to certain exercises it stops working as hard...keep variety and keep shocking your body and you will continue to get results.

  • How does the exercise programme work?

    You get 5 workouts to do each week:
    2 bootcamps, 1 cardio, 1 interval training, 1 stretch and relax.

    The bootcamps are videos - you just pop them on and follow me and my ladies. There are different levels to chose from and I explain everything as we go. In the sessions the exercises are all bodyweight...such as press ups, squats, sit ups and burpees. Each session works all your major muscle groups and will get your heart pumping. Amazing for calorie burning!

    The cardio and interval training sessions are podcasts. You simply download them, get your trainers on, pop your headphones in and head out the door. I talk you through exactly what to do. I am literally with you every step of the way. The cardio sessions aim to get you moving at a steady pace. This might be a fast walk, jog or a run depending on your fitness level. The interval training goes between a walk and jog or a jog and a run. Each week we'll aim to get you going a little quicker and a little further.

    The stretch and relax session is a video. This is the only one that stays the same for the whole 8 weeks. It is designed to stretch your body and relax your mind. Unwind and enjoy!

    Basically the exercise sessions aim to tackle every area of fitness. Plus because they slowly get harder and longer, whatever level you start from, you will get fitter and stronger.

  • Will I need any equipment?

    No. Every session is based on bodyweight exercises that you can do absolutely anywhere. You occasionally need a chair for tricep dips but that is it.

    If you have a hard floor at home you might want a mat or get out into the fresh air and do the sessions in the garden or local park.

  • Do I have to do all the workouts?

    The more you put in, the more you'll get out. Increasing your health and fitness isn't easy. There really is no quick 'miracle' solution. It take consistent hard work.

    If you can do every single session I set you, then your fitness levels will increase.

    But, as always, this is your journey. Find that balance that suits you and if you can't fit in all the sessions, it isn't the end of the world.

    Just make sure that your excuses are genuine. After all, very few people look forward to exercise but everyone loves the feeling after. Push yourself out your comfort zone, remember how good you'll feel once it is done and go for it!

  • Can I do the workouts with a friend?

    Yes you can. Exercising with others is excellent for many reasons. 1. It makes you more likely to do it if you have a buddy 2. It is more fun 3. You can support each other.

    I am quite happy for you to get others involved in your exercise sessions. Get the bootcamps up on a laptop or TV and all do it together. I just ask that you keep your password and log in details private. They are just for you.

  • I have an injury, can I still do it?

    This is completely dependent on what your injury is. If in doubt, I would always advise you to check with your GP before starting.

    Most exercises can be adapted though, so send me a message and we can have a chat. Even if you are unable to exercise, you can still do the programme but focus on food. 80% of weight loss is due to healthy eating so you can still get amazing results.

Food questions:

  • Do I have to stick to a strict meal plan?

    No! This is not a diet. Meal plans are only a short term fix and do not work in the long term.

    If I gave you a meal plan, I can guarantee one of two things will happen:
    1. It'll be too much of a massive change, you'll feel deprived and miserable and you will rebel against it/ fall off the wagon very quickly. This will make you feel like a failure and make you feel even worse about yourself. Not good.
    2. You'll stick to it rigidly and you'll lose weight/ achieve your goals in no time. Whilst this sounds great in theory what happens next? Either you stay on the meal plan for the rest of your life (boring) or you have to go it alone. Most people try the latter option and quickly realise that they haven't actually learnt how to eat properly so they revert to old habits and weight goes back on.

    My 8 week programme is not about short term fixes that only last whilst you are on them. I want you to learn how you can eat well, exercise more and feel great for yourself. Each article, each tip I give you is all designed to help you learn how to feed your body in the best way. You will start to see the link between your energy levels and food and healthy habits will be formed. You'll feel so fabulous you'll never look back. This 8 weeks will be the start of your life - literally just the beginning of a healthy, happy life.

  • Do I need to count calories?

    No. Calorie counting has its place but unless you intend to count your calories forever more, don't start now. Instead we look at easy portion size guides and you will learn to listen to your body and stop eating when you're full.

    Calorie counting encourages obsessive behaviour and means that quite often you'll opt for the lowest calorie foods rather than the healthiest. Avocados, for example, are high in calories but so amazing for your body that they are worth it. I will help you learn to eat to fill your body with goodness so you glow and you are filled with energy.

  • Will you count my calories?

    This one depends on what option you go for. If you stick to normal Kickstart then no I won't count your calories. Instead, when you post pics in the Facebook group, I will check portion sizes. If you are a VIP client I will keep an eye on calories. I never over emphasise it but especially in the beginning I will work out how much you are roughly eating so we can start to adapt it slowly.

  • Do I have to cut out alcohol?

    Alcohol is basically empty calories and not really of any nutritional worth. If you can cut it out, you will feel better and look better.

    However, I never recommend cutting out anything completely because this leads to feeling deprived and fed up. If you drink a lot, then we can work on reducing it but as with everything we need to find a balance that works for you.

  • I am a vegetarian, can I still do it?

    Yes. The programme is completely adaptable. There are plenty of vegetarian recipes in the online area and all of them can be adapted. Several vegetarians have been through the programme with fantastic results. However, everyone is different and if you are concerned, give me a ring or send me a message and we can have a chat.

  • I am vegan, can I still do it?

    Yes. The programme is completely adaptable. Whilst there are not many vegan recipes currently in the online area, it is something I'm working on. However most can be adapted and as feedback and support is individual, being vegan won't make any difference. However, everyone is different and if you are concerned, give me a ring or send me a message and we can have a chat.

  • I have food allergies, can I still do it?

    Yes. The programme is completely adaptable. Most of the recipes in the online area can be adapted to suit you and your dietary needs. There is no strict meal plan to follow so we will find a way of eating healthily that suits you. However, everyone is different and if you are concerned, give me a ring or send me a message and we can have a chat.