Kickstart Plan

My online Kickstart programme will transform your fitness levels and eating habits. Lose weight, shape up, gain energy and feel fabulous!


Are you fed up of constantly trying to diet and lose weight?

Are you determined to make changes but need a bit of extra support and motivation?

Would you like a programme that is flexible and fits around you?

What you get

  • A private online area you can access from computer, tablet or phone – anytime, anywhere
  • Online video workouts and podcasts that gradually get harder as you get fitter
  • Daily online food diaries to fill out – be accountable for what you put in your mouth
  • Super easy to use – just login each day and your workout, food diary and articles will be ready and waiting
  • Payment options to suit everyone – your health is priceless
  • Daily support and motivation from me – I am with you every step of the way
  • Access to closed facebook group
  • Loads of recipes, articles, and advice – take the guesswork out of losing weight
  • Track progress with measurements & photos
  • A fabulous welcome pack in the post

Two Great Options to Kickstart the new you

Super Value


£129 for 8 weeks

Less than a cup of coffee a day

  • Private online area - you have your own password so it’s completely secure
  • Access to over 50 recipes online that get added to and updated all the time
  • Daily workout videos or podcasts
  • Profile area to fill out measurements/ goals/ before and after pictures
  • Article of the day - read, learn and be inspired every day
  • Access to closed Facebook group for support and motivation
  • Daily food diaries to fill in
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What our ladies say

  • I always wanted to do something about my diet and fitness levels but had so many reasons why I couldn't get started....'I can't get to exercise classes because of the kids', 'My husband's often working away so I'm too busy', etc. But then I found Lorna's 8 week Kickstart Programme and realised that all my reasons were just excuses. And actually once I realised that I could fit it into my life and that it didn't involve a major overhaul of everything at once, it seemed less overwhelming. I got on with it and haven't looked back since.

    Kirsten (Kickstart VIP)
  • At the end of the 8 weeks, I am 18lbs and 39cms down. I am feeling great and so motivated to keep going. It's given me a huge boost. I'm actually running around playing football with my children instead of being the mum I was before who sat and watched. There is no going back now. I've learnt so much and I know how good being healthy makes me feel. If you've been stuck yo yo dieting, then do this 8 week programme and break the cycle - you'll never look back.

    Charlotte (Kickstart VIP)
  • I love how flexible the plan is and how you can do it all at home and the support from the facebook page and ladies was brilliant for me. It made me realise my portion size weren't correct and that I have no self control over packet foods ie. having to eat the whole lot! My biggest achievement is learning to portion size and eating a well balance diet. I would 110% recommend this plan for anyone who wants to lose weight feel great and tone up in just 8 simple weeks.

    Suzie (Kickstart VIP)
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