All about May…get set for SUMMER!

All about May…get set for SUMMER!

The sunshine this week has given us a (long awaited) taste of summer! If you are anything like me, at some point over the last few days, you will have looked down at your pale winter body and felt a little daunted by the thought of getting into a pair of shorts!

I am coming up to 14 weeks pregnant and I can no longer fit into my summer clothes from last year. I’m not yet at the obviously pregnant stage, I just look like I’ve enjoyed a few too many ice creams!

I know I’m not alone in feeling a bit body conscious at this time of year. After a ridiculously long winter (spring never really happened, did it?!), I think a lot of us have indulged in a bit too much comfort eating.

Whilst I am going to embrace my ever expanding waistline and look forward to getting a proper bump, now is the time for the rest of you to take action!

There are things you can do immediately for a bit of a boost and there are things that will take a little longer. But both will help you step outside into the sunshine feeling fabulous!

Things to you can do NOW to make you feel summer ready:

  1. Slap on a bit of fake tan.

    This is number one for me. My legs are currently a shade paler than white. They glow in the dark. Whilst I have no intention of going a deep bronzed colour, a bit of fake tan helps take off the edge of the white. Plus it smooths out lumps and bumps and just gives the appearance of glowing, healthy skin. All without having to spend hours sunbathing (so much healthier too).

  2. Exfoliate and get rid of unwanted hairs

    Actually this should be number 1 probably…because before you fake tan, jump in the shower and do some exfoliation and hair removal. Just finish with a quick blast of cold water to close up your pores or wait long enough in between so you don’t get the orange dot effect with the tan.

  3. Mani and pedi

    I’m aware that all of these things sound fairly superficial but never underestimate the power of a bit of pampering. A mani and a pedi is no exception. Have lovely bright nails and no one will notice the fact you’re feeling a little self conscious in your summer dress.

  4. Drink more water

    Most of us are guilty of not drinking enough but it is one thing that will make a world of difference to your skin. More water not only makes your whole body work more efficiently but it will leave you with glowing skin and bright clear eyes. You’ll notice improvements almost straight away. And it’s free. What’s not to love?

Play the long game:

These involve a little more dedicated effort but start now and in a month of so you’ll be seeing the benefits. There are only 2 points here because they are biggies! One thing I will say is little tweaks add up to big changes. Don’t get overwhelmed, try changing one thing at a time and see how good you can feel!

  1. Exercise

    This one probably causes a little feeling of dread but I promise it is 100% worth it. No matter how long it’s been since you dusted off your trainers, just get moving. It doesn’t really matter what you do, just get your heart rate up and get a little sweaty.

    If you want a bit more structure and accountability then sign up to my online programme. I give you 5 workouts a week to do – all with videos or podcasts so you know exactly what to do. Plus the sessions work every area of fitness so you don’t have to think about it, you just do it! Get started and see how good it makes you feel!

  2. Clean up your diet

    This is not the same as go on a diet! I hate the word diet because it suggests deprivation and hunger! I love food too much to do that. Instead look at ways of improving what you eat. What can you add in rather than take out. Aim to fill up on fruit, vegetables, lean protein and healthy carbs. Try to reduce the amount of packaged, convenience food you eat.

    If this all sounds too tricky, try this one thing: keep a food diary. For the next few days, write down EVERYTHING you eat and drink. I’ve had so many clients that tell me they hardly eat anything yet they still put on weight. And whilst there is a very small percentage of the population who do struggle with medical conditions that cause this, for the majority, if we are putting on weight it’s because we are consuming too many calories.

    Once you are completely honest and write down everything, you’ll be able to see what things are creeping in too often. Then you can make little changes that will make all the difference. Snacking and grazing is often a big one. Pick at little things here and there throughout the day and they will add up.

    If you want to improve your diet but still feel confused then my 8 week Kickstart Programme will sort you out! Click here to check it out. And if you opt for the VIP option then I am in touch every single day. I will help motivate, guide and advise you. You can’t go wrong!