How to stay motivated

How to stay motivated

We’re into week 3 of the Kickstart programme now and it’s notoriously a tricky one. How to stay motivated is a constant topic of conversation in our Facebook group.

The excitement of starting something new has worn off, it’s still 2 weeks until the midway progress checks and motivation is fading fast.

Luckily, I know this happens. It’s very common and nearly everyone goes through it (if not at week 3, then at some point).

You’ll have probably found the same thing if you’ve ever tried to improve your health and fitness.

The first couple of weeks are great. You think:
‘why didn’t I do this before, it’s so easy and i feel amazing’
….and then week 3 hits. Boredom sets in, bad habits creep back in:
‘oh, I’ll just have one day off, it won’t hurt’
…only to find several weeks go past and you’re back to square 1 (or minus 1).

Mindset is EVERYTHING!

This is why, as well as workouts, recipes and food diaries, Kickstart also features an article of the day. Each one is different and each one is designed to motivate and inspire so my ladies keep going. I encourage them to read them first thing in the morning with a cuppa. It helps them go

(FYI It’s also why we have a facebook group for support with everyone going through the programme at the same time. a support network is priceless)

I found day 16’s useful this morning (yes I read them even though I wrote them!!) so I thought I’d share it with you. It’s a bit of a read but if you struggle for motivation, it might just help.

Make a cuppa, have a sit down and have a read:


Motivation is the thing that gives you that little extra sparkle.

At the beginning of this programme, you will (hopefully) have been brimming with excitement and ready to embrace the new you. It is now week 3 and however well you’ve been doing there are going to be times when motivation starts to wane.

Today is about how to stay motivated…forever more.


You will have come up with goals at the start of the programme. Do you think about them every day? Is your eye on the prize? If not, then we need to review your goals. What you are aiming for should fill you with excitement. If they seem too far off to motivate you at the moment, then we need to break them down again. What do you want to achieve today or this week. Step by step is the way forward. If you haven’t done already, make a vision board. Fill it with images that spur you on and look at it every day. When you are doing your workout or preparing to do one, spend a few moments visualising the life you want to lead and the body you want to have. It’ll give you a push to work that little harder.


The more the merrier! How you chose to do your workouts is up to you. I don’t mind if you get friends to join in with your sessions. If it keeps you motivated, it is worth it. Make a commitment to each other that you WILL exercise together at least once a week (or whatever works for you – be realistic). Being accountable to others makes you much less likely to back out.


Believe me if you look the part, you’ll feel the part! Part of the battle, in fact the major part of the battle for most people, is just getting out of the door. Having kit that you enjoy putting on and like the way it looks and feels can give you a little bit more incentive to get moving! Wearing your exercise kit whilst doing the house work is particularly effective. Try it and see how much more effort you put into hoovering. You don’t need to splash out on the most expensive brands or pay an absolute fortune, just find some that make you feel good.


You will probably have found that one of the workouts in the week is your favourite one (probably whichever one you find easiest). Once you find something that you like, it is tempting just to do that again and again. But don’t! It’s why the programme is planned to work your whole body in different ways. Mixing up exercise not only ensures the best results but it stops boredom. Being bored is motivation’s biggest enemy AND your body’s worst enemy. Your body will quickly get used to the same old routine and will know exactly what is coming. It simply stops having to work so hard. So keep mixing it up and embrace every single workout I give you.


Music is incredibly powerful. Spend some time creating your ultimate workout playlist. Every time you put it on, it should make you want to move. Everyone is different so pick the tunes that resonate with you.


If you have a bad day/ week…get back on it! At some point you are bound to slip up in some way. Maybe you feel a bit under the weather and spend a week hibernating or you find yourself stuffing back the cakes like there’s no tomorrow. Whatever happens, it is not the end of the world. You have not ruined everything. It can be all too easy to have an ‘all or nothing’ mentality where you are either incredibly focussed on exercising/ losing weight or you’re not. Don’t let this be the case. You are on a journey – there will be ups and downs. Try not to beat yourself up if you eat more than you should or miss a workout. Just make sure you get back on track the next day. You can do it!


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