Mood shifters…feel happy in an instant

Mood shifters…feel happy in an instant

Today is day 5 of my ‘feel fabulous’ in Lockdown challenge. It’s been a fab first week. Every day my group have received a motivating email from me. They’re all designed to inspire and educate. Day 1’s was all about mood shifters and how to feel happy in an instant. Super important during Lockdown.  

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Your mood and feelings will dictate your day

If you’re in a good mood, you’ll find everything uplifts you. When something goes wrong, you’ll able to brush it off and move on quickly. If you feel down or negative, everything is a struggle – like wading through mud.

The good news is that (for the most part) you CAN do something about the way you feel. It may not always feel like it but ultimately you ARE in control of your feelings (as long as you don’t suffer from depression or other mental health issues).

Of course, there are outside influences that can effect your mood – family, kids, being in Lockdown, worries about work, money, the election in America, Boris, etc, etc, etc. These can cause your mood to swing one way or another but it doesn’t actually have to be this way. At the moment, the world is a bit of a scary place. Give in to the negativity and it’s a downward spiral. 

Instead, let’s fight against it. Don’t allow your mood to be effected by circumstances around you.

Easier said than done, I know but here are a couple of suggestions to try: 

1. How you start your day will set the tone 

You’re in control of your morning routine, so find one that works for you. Aim to start the day feeling calm and in control. We’re going to look at this one in a bit more detail tomorrow but for now, the fact you’re reading this email is a great start! 


2. Once you’ve started your day feeling positive, you need to do everything you can to protect your happy mood

Imagine you’re in your own little bubble (handy during Covid) and whilst you can acknowledge the feelings of others/ the state of the world, nothing can penetrate your safe place. All the bad stuff and negativity just bounces off your bubble (germs included, hopefully). 


3. Chose your company wisely

People you surround yourself with can be ‘radiators or drains’. Some make you feel warm and happy, some drain you of joy!  I know at the moment you have no choice about who you’re in Lockdown with but on the occasions you find yourself in negative company, imagine that bubble deflecting it all or take yourself off for a walk. Fresh air works wonders. 


4. And on that note, have a list of ‘mood shifters’ up your sleeve

Sometimes, despite your very best efforts, you’ll find your mood slipping. The trick is to be aware and catch it before you sink down too far. The good news is that it’s possible to change your mood in an instant. What works for you might be different from someone else but here are some ideas of mood shifters (that work for me): 

  • Music – make a soundtrack of songs that lift you up. I love a bit of rock music with the odd musical number slipped in. Dance/ sing along! I may not be blessed with talent (sorry neighbours) but it never fails to cheer me up. Nursery rhymes are up there too now – there’s nothing like an enthusiastic rendition of ‘Old Macdonald’ (James LOVES my singing – my number 1 fan). Try it.
  • Fresh air – get outside as much as you can (is it back to 2 hours of exercise a day?). Even better if you live in the countryside…just try to find somewhere green. Stroll along, breathe deep and focus on nature. Works every time. 
  • Cup of coffee/ tea – this one’s even better if you’ve just been out in the fresh air. There is something deeply comforting about a hot drink on a cold November day. Put the kettle on! 
  • Decluttering/ housework – not admittedly for everyone, but I find it incredibly therapeutic. Especially if you combine it with your ‘feel fabulous’ soundtrack. Blast that music out and get hoovering. 
  • Painting/ drawing/ sewing/ reading/ writing/ gardening – anything creative that takes you out of yourself for a bit. Start a Lockdown project. I’ve just started a watercolour course online and I LOVE it. So relaxing and it makes me feel productive and relaxed. 
  • Exercise – this should really be number 1 on the list but I didn’t want to put you off. A quick exercise blast releases endorphins, the feel good hormone. Anything counts, it just has to increase your heart rate and get you out of breath! I’m going to set a mid morning energiser for you today in the Facebook group. Do it anytime you need a ‘pick me up’. I guarantee it will help. 

What would be on your list of mood shifters? 

Have it to hand and use it whenever you need to over the next few weeks. 

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