plan - organise - prepare

Plan, organise, succeed

Plan, organise, succeed

Plan, organise, succeed. It really it one of the most important bits of advice I give my clients. And with that in mind, one of my aims for week 3 is to be properly planned and prepared with meals. I’ve sat down and worked out the next few days.

Hurrah 😀

I don’t know about you but one of the main topics of conversation in our house is ‘what do you fancy for dinner?’, ‘I don’t mind, you decide’, ‘no you decide’….etc, etc, etc!

Having it planned gets rid of all that and makes it so much easier to be healthy. Why?…

You go with the plan and not with the mood

If you’re hungry, you’re much more likely to reach for the unhealthy, quick fix option. If you have it planned and prepared, you’re much more likely to stick with it. All about what’s easier so set yourself up to succeed not fail

Your meals will be better balanced with more variety

If you think ahead and plan a few days at a time, you’re much more likely to include a range of healthy foods and mix it up a bit more. If you don’t plan, it’s hard to think of different meals so you end up choosing same things time after time

Little extras are less likely to sneak in

If you plan your meals then you can just shop for exactly what you need. Nothing extra. That way you can’t go off plan and you’re much more likely not to snack or graze between meals because you just don’t have the extra food there in the first place.

When you sign up to my Kickstart programme, one of the benefits is that you have access to over 50 tried and tested recipes. They’re all in your private online area and all with shopping lists and super easy instructions (because I’m no cook!). Plus, they’re all family friendly so no need to cook separate meals 👍 Make life easier not harder!🙌

Week 3…let’s do this 🙌

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