start to get fit

Time for a new start…let’s get back on the fitness train!

Time for a new start…let’s get back on the fitness train!

New week (kind of), new start

Martin started his new job yesterday so that’s the end of holiday time and the beginning of a bit more routine and work.

With that in mind I sat down at my laptop during James’s morning nap ready to get cracking and then spent the entire time scrolling through Facebook. Doh 🤦‍♀️

There are so many things I need to do that I don’t have a clue where to start. I felt completely overwhelmed and accomplished nothing 😬 It probably didn’t help that it took me about 45 mins to settle James and then he only slept for half an hour!

So for his lunch time nap (which in theory should be a nice long one💤), I’ve tried a change of scene. I’m sat by the beach with a coffee and a notebook and I’m taking a bit of time to feel inspired again. Plus James seems to sleep much better in his pushchair than his cot.

I’ve decided that routine is going to be my best friend. I need a plan:

1. I need to get back into the social media (for work) habit

2. I need to properly get back into exercise and healthy eating because it makes me so much more productive. More energy = more work

3. I need to start creating content- emails, blog posts, website- again

I’ve decided that all 3 can be solved by doing my own 8 week Kickstart Programme. I’ve dipped in and out of it over the last few months but it’s been very hit and miss. Doing it properly will get me back into consistent exercise and good eating habits AND I’ll be able to post about it on here and my facebook page so I start writing again. Obviously posting about my progress also holds me accountable to all of you. Gulp.

I turn 36 in the middle of May and it would be nice to get there feeling good. I’m going to start tomorrow because I’ve run out of excuses. Plus it’s 1st May and I love a sparkly new month 🤩🤩

It gives me the rest of today to get ready. I’m going to plan meals for the week, think about my goals and take my measurements/ before pics.

Join me!

If you’ve ever been tempted to give my Kickstart programme a go, now would be a great time to join in with me. The 8 weeks will take you up to the end of June so you can start the summer feeling fabulous! It’ll also be a good chance for you see how it all works as I’ll post my progress as I go.

I’ll do a special offer with £50 off either programme for anyone who wants to do it alongside me. We can keep each other going. I’ll create a voucher code after I’ve posted this and do a separate post so you can see how to sign up if you want to. Obviously it’s a bit short notice for starting tomorrow so don’t panic, I’ll make the voucher valid for the next 7 days  (until May 7th ) 🙌🙌

Right that’s it from me for now. I’ll be back shortly with the voucher code. Plus I’ll also show you what happens when you sign up and start the induction. So lots of posts from me to kick things off!

Click here for more info on Kickstart