Advent exercise challenge…week 2!

Advent exercise challenge…week 2!

Round up of the advent challenges from the second week of December…how many have you managed so far? Remember, all the challenges are posted daily on my Facebook page with video instructions (often featuring my son James!). Click here to go there now. 

December 9th ?

How long can you hold a ski sit/ squat hold?

Can you how it for the length of the video on my facebook page (1 min 39 secs)??? GO!

December 10th ???

Annnnd your challenge today is to do 10 moving planks.

See if you can do several rounds of 10 across the day ?

Moving plank is AMAZING for your core and upper body.

Watch the video for a demo and your daily dose of James (looking ridiculously cute in his Santa’s little helper outfit ???)

Click here to pop across to Facebook for the video

December 11th ?

Today your challenge is to get outside into the fresh air and go for a walk or jog. Aim for at least 10 minutes. And no excuses allowed…not even if it’s raining and freezing…embrace it ?? (easy for me to say when it’s 28 degrees and sunny I know).

Facebook video featuring a tired baby boy after a very short lunch time nap. He still managed a wave at the end though ?

December 12th…bring on the bear crawls ?

Soooo good for your whole body ? bear crawl up and down your living room as many times as you can in 1 minute.

Go! How many times can you manage? Keep that bum nice and low…it’s great for mobility too ??

December 13th!

10 split lunge pulses on each leg, repeating as many times as you can in a minute.

Let me know when you’ve done it.

December 14th ?

Happy Saturday everyone ?

Your challenge today is to hold the side plank for as long as you can on each side (make a note of your weaker side and practise!).

Let me know how long you manage below ?

I love a side plank! Great for balance, core and shoulder strength ?

December 15th…10 days to go!

Today, your only advent challenge is to spend time with family and friends doing something festive!

We spent most of the day by the beach with our little elf waving and greeting everyone…I think he thinks he’s royalty ??Pop over to the Facebook page to see the video. It is definitely the cutest video of the week!

I’ll be back next week to give you the round up for the week but make sure you tick off the following first: 

  • Ski sit hold for as long as you can
  • 10 moving planks
  • 10 minute walk or jog in the fresh air
  • Bear crawls in 1 minute
  • Split lunges in 1 minute
  • Side plank for as long as you can on each side
  • Festive treat!