Easy ways to increase exercise (without even noticing)

Easy ways to increase exercise (without even noticing)

Let’s talk about easy ways to increase exercise…

…because ‘little and often’ is so much better than ‘going big occasionally’! 

I think so many of us are still stuck on the idea that exercise needs to be at least an hour of torture to make it count. And whilst this works for some people…it really isn’t the only option, or even the best option for most of us.


Well, a whole hour out of your day is a lot. We’re already busy enough without the added pressure of finding a whole hour. Plus if you don’t enjoy it, you’ll spend the whole time before going dreading it and the whole time you’re there wanting to leave. Before you know it, the excuses creep in and you don’t do it…which makes you feel rubbish and like you’ve failed.

So what’s the better way?

It’s all about making exercise part of your every day life and finding easy ways to increase exercise.

A little adds up to a lot. I watched a programme recently that monitored who used most calories: someone working as a waitress in a restaurant (so was effectively on her feet for 8 hours) or an office worker who sat at a desk all day but went to the gym and worked out for an hour after work. Guess what the answer was?…yep, the waitress.

The good news is that actually you’re probably already doing a lot more than you think, you just don’t think it ‘counts’. Well it does! And now you know it does, acknowledge it and count it as a daily win.

Easy ways to increase exercise… See how many you can tick off today:

  • Popping to the shops/ taking kids to school? Walk instead of taking the car if you can
  • Take stairs instead of lift or elevator
  • Chatting to friends or family on the phone? Walk round instead of sitting down
  • Whilst making a cuppa, fit in a burst of exercise
  • Go for a nice long walk with the dog/ children/ partner/ on your own
  • Do some balance work whilst brushing your teeth
  • Get the housework done but try doing it wearing your gym kit. It defo helps! Hoovering is an amazing calorie burner
  • Obviously do my 3 mini challenges each day. Challenge 1 and 2 are never longer than a few minutes and although the stretch and relax tends to be 5-8mins, it’s super relaxing
  • Pop on some upbeat, happy songs and dance! If you’re lucky, I’ll share a video later I took of James (and Martin) having a dance before bed…he loves a boogie!
  • If you’re sat at a desk, get up every half an hour and have a stretch and a walk – it’ll help your posture as well.

Basically any movement counts but see if you can get a little out of breath whilst you’re doing it...this will be making your heart work harder so it becomes stronger and you become fitter. Plus you’ll be burning more calories.

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