Find your calm

Find your calm

Find your calm…this is definitely relevant at the moment. Lockdown is lifting next week with a a 3 tier system to get our heads around. Everything at the moment, like most of 2020, feels a bit uncertain and there’s a lot of anxiety in the air.

It’s hard to believe we’re in the last week in November. Despite the fact it’s been a very strange year, it seems to have whizzed by.

What is one thing this year has taught you?

Can you take away a positive from this year and use it to grow as a person?

For me, I’ve had to find my calm and accepting that there are things going on that I have zero control over. This in itself has been a big challenge for me. I like control. I like to know where my life is going and what’s happening. I’m a planner.

Suddenly, with the onset of Covid, my plans had to change. There was no option of flying home every 6 months to see my family and this floored me. I love living in Australia BUT knowing I could get home at any time was a big part of that and stopped me feeling too homesick.

As soon as the travel ban was announced I felt trapped and panicky. I still do to some extent but I’m trying really hard to see the positives and enjoy our time here. I can’t do anything about it and wallowing in homesickness isn’t good for me or James. Thank goodness for modern technology that means we can FaceTime my mum and dad every day.

I’ve also had to deal with a miscarriage. It’s been tough but again, I’ve learnt that some things aren’t meant to be and if I want to stay sane I have to let it go.

I know I’m not alone in facing challenges that we could never have predicted. Anxiety, loneliness, lack of direction, boredom, uncertainty…it’s been a scary rollercoaster of emotions. 

If like me, you’ve struggled at times and continue to do so, here are my top tips to find your calm:

1. Accept there are things are out of your control and go with it

Be kind to yourself and know that you’ll have good days and not so good days. This will pass, Covid will bugger off, life will resume…but for now, hunker down and take it one day at a time.

2. Make home your safe place

Right now in Lockdown you might be hating being stuck at home. But try to change the way you think about it. Your home is your sanctuary. It is keeping you and your loved ones safe. Create a little haven that helps you chill out and relax.

3. Have some techniques ready for when it all gets too much

These three work well for me:

…Breathe deep – when things feel overwhelming, take some time out and focus on breathing. Lie on your back with one hand on your tummy, breathe in through your nose and imagine that all the air is being carried down to your tummy. Feel it rise up, hold for a second or two and then slowly release through your mouth imagining all stress and tension are being blown away.

…Use all your senses – this is a good one to teach children too. Use your fingers and count off something you can see, feel, taste, touch and smell. It’s grounding and a good way to stay present and bring thoughts back to the moment.

…Mediation. I use guided meditations because I like to concentrate on a voice. Youtube is a great source for trying some for free or download an app like headspace. If you ever wake up in the night and can’t sleep, pop on a meditation and drift back off.

4. Get outside as much as you can

Nature is incredibly calming. Breathe deep, use all your senses and feel your heart rate slow down. Feel at peace with the world.

5. Warm bath with candles/ dim lights

Immerse yourself in warm water and feel all your muscles relax. Play gentle music to quiet your mind

6. Escape for a little while

Read a good book, watch a happy/ uplifting film. There’s nothing wrong with escaping into a different world for a little while.

7. Get out of your mind and into your body

Get your partner to give you a massage or do one of my stretch and relax sessions. If you need more, have a go at something a bit more vigorous. Once you’re moving your brain will be focusing on your body rather than stressing about life.


Breathe deep – you’ve got this. Find your calm today and look after yourself.


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