Be the best version of you – 10 top tips

Be the best version of you – 10 top tips

How are you coping with life outside of Lockdown? Rules, regulations, bubbles…it’s all a bit confusing and frustrating. Considering how to be the best possible version of you probably seems impossible at the moment.

You can’t do anything about current circumstances at the moment…

BUT, you can control your reaction to it all.

Granted, there isn’t that much to be optimistic about at the moment but if you spend your day moaning and worrying about what will happen next, I guarantee you’ll only drag yourself down further.

So use today to focus on what you can do for yourself. How can you be the best version of you? I guarantee it’ll make you feel better about yourself and life in general.

It’s not about doing them all – pick the ones that work for you and use them as part of your daily routine. See what difference they make to your health and happiness.

Here are my top 10 tips to help you be the best version of you: 

1. Protect your happiness

Don’t let outside circumstances drag you down. Chose happiness and positivity and then do everything you can to stay in that mindset. Be grateful and appreciate the little moments in life…that cup of coffee in the morning, a walk in nature, the cuddle from a loved one.

And remember you’re in control – you can turn your mood around in an instant. When you feel your mood slipping, turn to your list of mood shifters and get back on track. Stop the downward spiral!

2. Start your day in the best possible way:

  • Hot water and lemon – rehydrate and flush through your system
  • Move – stretch, quick cardio blast, one of the wake up workouts – anything!
  • Fresh air – breathe deep and start your day with a bit of mindfulness
  • Hot shower – take your time getting ready and feel good about yourself
  • Healthy breakfast – try preparing the night before to save time

3. Eat for energy

  • Eat a rainbow- can you include 2 portions of veg/ fruit with each meal? Focus on what you can add into your diet rather than what you need to cut out
  • Include healthy fats – they make you glow! Avocado, nuts, oily fish, nut butter, seeds…all amazing in moderation
  • Don’t be all or nothing – no one is perfect. Aim for a balance. 80% of the time be as healthy as possible and then you can allow a few treats
  • Portion sizes – use your hand as a guide, half a plate veg, quarter protein, quarter healthy carbs
  • Eat mindfully – focus on your food, stop before you feel full and enjoy every mouthful
  • Aid digestion – chew food properly, go for a walk before or after, take time eating, peppermint tea
  • Try not to graze – constant snacking means you consume more calories than you realise and won’t give your digestive system a break

4. Night time routine

Sleep is sooooo important. Aim for 7-9 quality hours a night. Create a night time routine that works for you:

  • Switch off technology
  • Make your bedroom a haven
  • Warm bath
  • Stretch and relax before bed
  • Bedtime snack of banana or milk to aid sleep
  • Lavender essential oil – pop a few drops on your pillow or mix with carrier oil and massage into feet before bed

5. Nurture mind, body and soul

What brings you joy? Do more of it! Simple 🙂

6. Fit more exercise into your day

It all adds up. Squats whilst the kettle boils, balance work whilst brushing your teeth, a walk around the block at lunchtime. They all massively benefit your health. Think little and often.

7. Go with the flow

Life is still uncertain and Christmas will be a bit strange this year. Just remember the bad days will pass, good days will come. Do what you can do now to look after yourself. Take it one day at a time.

Embrace your high energy days and enjoy the motivation that comes with it. Accept some days won’t be as easy and that’s fine too!

8. Time on yourself is never wasted

This is the one I need to remember more often. Take time to look after yourself – think of it as body maintenance!

Hair removal, make up, cleansing routine, nails painted, favourite outfit…what makes you feel more confident, what will help you be the best version of you? Do it. You ARE worth it and it does make a difference


9. Find your calm

This year has been a big test for most of us. Work on finding your calm now and you’ll have the skills to handle anything. Breathe deep, meditate, exercise, stretch, rest…what will help you? Read more about finding your calm here.

10. Beat stress and overwhelm

When things get too much, step back. Do less, not more and remember it’s ok to not be ok. I think life in 2020 has taught us all to slow down a bit and appreciate what we have. Keep things simple.


Next week I’m going to start setting some quick exercise challenges to try on my Facebook page. They are going to be 1 minute long – that’s it! But 1 minute is enough to turn around your mood, re-energise and get back in the game! Be the best version of you and get to Christmas feeling good. If haven’t already ‘liked’ my facebook page, pop over there now and check it out. Just click here. See you next week!