Kickstart VIP

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Kickstart VIP will change your life! Feedback and personalised advice each day will slowly change your eating habits for good. Extra support and motivation to keep you on track every day during the 8 weeks. Oh, and you also get a lovely, shiny welcome pack in the post!


Pay a 50% deposit per item



One to one support and feedback from me every single day and full, never ending access to the programme. This is the one for you if you want to make changes but know you’d benefit from having individual support. Together we WILL get you the results you want. Be excited – the next 8 weeks will change your life.


7 reviews for Kickstart VIP

  1. Charlotte Massey

    Absolutely amazing plan, Lorna is there 24/7 to help you out. If I can do it anyone can! So pleased with my results!! Wish I could give 6 stars or more. Thank you Lorna!

  2. Amber Imrie

    AT LAST – a food and exercise plan that is really manageable and actually works! Do not delay – start today – I promise you won’t regret it xx

  3. Emily Millican

    No more yo yo dieting! This is an amazing plan that has changed my attitude to food and help me lose and maintain weight! Try it for yourselves!!

  4. Kirsten

    Couldn’t recommend this plan more highly. So much support, so much motivation, so much success. Finally found something that is becoming a lifestyle not just a diet.

  5. Denise

    The VIP plan is worth every penny if you need an extra helping hand to get your eating habits under control. The daily support in the private Facebook group and of course the daily personalised feedback from Lorna has helped me change the way I view food forever and for the better!

  6. Linda williams (verified owner)

    If you think you don’t have a minute to spare for yourself then this plan is the perfect one for you , I was worried at first about how i could complete it as I live and work away from home as a management consultant working long hours and eating out / living in hotels all the time but found the VIP plan was very doable with a the clear set up and regular contact with lorna . Lorna coached me through eating choices, the exercise programme can be done anywhere and I have 🙂 as all you need is a chair beyond your trainers. Saw great results over the 8 weeks and created new habits that I believe will see me continue to succeed. 12 weeks in now – my fitness level is still improving and the weight and the inches keep dropping away . I would highly recommend

  7. Helen Radley (verified owner)

    This plan and Lorna’s support has been amazing. It has taught me loads especially about portion sizes and balancing out what to eat and when, making the right life style changes. You are given loads of recipes to choose from, and myself not being the best cook, can follow them easily and if you need help, Lorna is always there to ask!! I would 100% recommend this program.

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