Charlotte (Kickstart VIP)

I've struggled to lose weight since I had my two children. My youngest is now 5! I have tried and failed several times over the last few years to 'diet' - ie. starve myself and crave everything that is bad. I've never been able to stick to it and end up feeling like I've completely failed.

Charlotte's Story

I found the Kickstart programme online and I was incredibly excited. It sounded like it might be the one thing that finally helped me.
I embrace it all 100% and right from day 1 Lorna was there whenever I needed to ask a question.

The exercise sessions are short, getting progressively slightly longer so very easy to fit into your schedule, however manic!

The food diaries massively helped - I am now eating fresh, delicious food and feeling full by adding protein and lots of fresh goodness. I honestly feel like a different person, not craving sugary treats.

The private Facebook group is also fantastic with other like-minded people sharing recipes/motivational pictures and quotes.

At the end of the 8 weeks, I am 18lbs and 39cms down. I am feeling great and so motivated to keep going. It's given me a huge boost.

I'm actually running around playing football etc with my children instead of being the mum I was before who sat and watched. There is no going back now. I've learnt so much and I know how good being healthy makes me feel.

Before / After

Charlotte's Results

Total Weight Lost 1 stone 4lbs
Total CM's Lost 52cm

Charlotte's Advice for new users

This plan really does work if you give it your all, you'll begin to notice the difference in as little as 2 weeks which really spurs you on! The biggest difference for me was planning meals ahead and being prepared for those times when I needed to grab something quick or needed a healthy snack to hand so it couldn't go wrong!

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