BIGGEST SALE EVER! Sign up today!

BIGGEST SALE EVER! Sign up today!

⭐️⭐️It’s the FINAL DAY of my biggest ever sale! ⭐️⭐️

A MASSIVE £60 off either Kickstart or Kickstart VIP if you sign up BEFORE MIDNIGHT TONIGHT (30th June 2019) using coupon ‘summer19’!

…it means you can get Kickstart normal for only £89 (reduced from £149) and VIP for £239 (reduced from £299)

Which will you go for?

“I tried and failed so many of the mainstream well known ‘diets’. This is so much better! After 8 weeks the habits are ingrained. It isn’t a “diet” and it isn’t some health kick – it is how to mould and shape your lifestyle to be the best you that you can be!” Kate (Kickstart VIP)

“A lifestyle change and not a faddy diet – I really enjoyed this – everything from the closed Facebook group, daily articles and flexibility around exercise – it’s now 6 weeks since I finished the 8 week plan and still going strong. Super pleased with the results which have kept me motivated. Highly recommend!” Caroline (Kickstart normal)

“Wow, Kickstart was brilliant! If you’d told me in January that I would lose 13lbs and 2 inches off my “problem” areas in the space of eight weeks, I wouldn’t have believed you…but it’s what happened. I feel fitter, healthier, cleaner, happier and better than I have for years AND YET I still go out to eat (and drink) with friends; I just make better choices. Lorna’s Kickstart Programme has basically given me a life overhaul, very gently but very thoroughly. I can’t wait to move on to “Keep Progressing” and see what happens next.” Kathryn (Kickstart normal)


1. Go
2. Select either Kickstart or Kickstart VIP (more info there if you need some help deciding),
3. When you get to checkout use code ‘summer19’ to get the biggest ever sale price!
4. Look forward to 8 weeks that will change your life (starting whenever you want) – I’ll email you once you sign up with everything you need to log into your area and have a look around

Kickstart is about so much more than weight loss…we look at all areas of your health and fitness so you feel fabulous in EVERY way. Buuuuuuuttttt, I also know that seeing what other people have achieved is motivational so check out a few of the progress pics from my Kickstarters (including my own!)…

WHERE COULD YOU BE IN 8 WEEKS IF YOU STARTED TODAY? You won’t know until you try!



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