Keep Progressing

What next? Keep Progressing!

What next? Keep Progressing!

WHAT NEXT? How to Keep Progressing?

I finished my 8 week Kickstart programme just over a week ago. Here are my highlights:

⭐️4.5kg gone forever going from 72kg to 66.5kg. My target was 5kg for the 8 weeks and I hit that yesterday

⭐️5km in under 24 mins – whoop! Goal met!

⭐️My tummy measurement dropped from 96cm to 81cm – definitely the part of me I was most self conscious of since giving birth AND I now fit into my size 10 skinny jeans again ?

⭐️18 press ups on my toes in one go. This was 2 away from my target of 20 but never mind, I’ll get there.

⭐️Plank hold increased from 1 minute to 1 minute 30…which I’m very pleased with despite it being quite far off my best pre James!

I had my ups and downs and I certainly wasn’t perfect…

…BUT I kept going. I didn’t give up and I tried not to beat myself up too much when I struggled.

My body is very different now and I’ve had to manage my expectations and be a bit more patient with myself.

It is now SO IMPORTANT that I keep going and don’t slip back into old habits. My 8 week Kickstart is designed to be the beginning.

I WILL keep going:

1. I’m going to reset my goals and think about a challenge to keep me motivated. I’m thinking a 10km race in September and I’d like to be under 65kg by the time I fly back to UK for a visit in August ?

2. I’m going to move myself onto my monthly Keep Progressing membership. A new block of content will be added to my online area each month. New workouts, new articles, etc. The workouts get harder and we introduce weights. I’ll keep you updated on my progress. If you want to check out how Keep Progressing works, click here and check it out 🙂 

What are you working on?

What goals do you have?

It doesn’t matter what stage of the journey you are on as long as you keep moving forwards 

p.s If you weren’t quite ready to sign up to Kickstart when I did my special offer at the end of June, don’t worry. I’m working on a series of motivational emails that will get you get you started for free. Stay tuned and I’ll let you know when they’re ready.