Corona Virus blues – 9 tips to make today a GOOD day!

Corona Virus blues – 9 tips to make today a GOOD day!

Let’s beat Corona virus blues…

We are living in such strange times! Who’d have predicted that the Corona virus would have taken over the world like this?

How are you holding up at the moment? I think it’s completely normal to feel like you’re on a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. I know I am. Some days are good, some not so good.

Easter is out the way, hopefully all the chocolate has been eaten and you’ll be ready to get refocused.

So top tips for feeling as good as possible:

1. Create a routine that works for you and your family

Routine really is everything. When you have days where everything feels a bit scary or you’re tearing your hair out, routine will get you through.

For me, a coffee on the balcony (we live in a flat ) first thing is the best way to start the day. We get the morning sun and with a coffee in my hand, the sun on my face and a few deep breaths, I can start the day feeling positive.

Start by thinking about the things that you have to fit into your day… home schooling, work, housework, food shop. Then think about what else you want to include…exercise outside, gardening, reading, cup of coffee etc and come up with a plan of action. Even if you don’t always stick to it, knowing you’ve got a bit of structure to the day can really help.

2. Food, food, food…

It’s all too easy to go down the route of comfort/ boredom eating when you’re stuck at home. Try not to. If you’ve ate your body weight in chocolate over Easter weekend, you’ll be realising that although it’s nice at the time, afterwards it makes you feel like complete and utter crap. A hangover from chocolate! It’s the same with rubbish eating.

It isn’t just about the unwanted calories you’re consuming at the time, it’s the effect it has on you after. And the problem is that once you’re feeling crap, our bodies start to crave an instant hit of energy. The fastest way to get that instant hit is through more sugar…and so the cycle continues.

It’s completely understandable that comfort eating will have been happening…but make this the week to stop it. Aim to have 3 good, healthy meals each day. Fill your body with fruit and veg and drink plenty of water. I promise you’ll feel soooo much better – more energy, clearer skin and a more positive outlook. Plus, it feels good to look after yourself. Polish that halo. And if the odd treat slips in, it really won’t matter or throw you off course.


I’m not saying you have to do a full on exercise session every day of the week, just try to move as much as you can. Get up off the sofa and get into the garden or go for your daily walk. Put some music on and get the housework done. Set up a mini assault course in the garden for the kids and join in. Do every single one of my mini challenges that I post on Facebook and try to do some of the longer sessions too.

Movement really is the quickest way to make you feel good. Aim to get a little out of breath and get those endorphins flowing. One healthy decision will generally lead to another and another so if you start the day with a little burst of exercise, it’ll make you want to do more. Try it!

4. Be productive

Make a list of every little job that you need to do around the house/ garden or general life admin – big and small. Now is your chance to do them and tick them off. Quite often they’ll be jobs you’ve been putting off. Sorting my accounts was on my list for months and I kept shifting it to the bottom. I finally tackled it last week and I feel so much lighter. I didn’t realise how much it was hanging over me until I got on and did it.

I’ve also had days where I’ve felt quite low and frustrated. I’m particularly panicky at the thought of not being able to fly home in August to see family (we live in Sydney, Australia). When days like that hit it can go either way. Sometimes I’ve wallowed in it and not been much fun to live with. And on other days I’ve tried to take my mind off it by getting stuff done. I probably don’t need to tell you which days have ended up being better! I know now that productivity is the key so gradually I’m having less rubbish days and more better days.

Plus, sorting and decluttering is good for the soul! I’ve sorted my wardrobe, deep cleaned areas of the house that never seem to get done, gone through paperwork and next on my list is to sort out James’s clothes and put away things that don’t fit. It’s so satisfying!

5. Self care

When you’re stuck in the house, it can be tempting to let things go completely. After all, who’s going to notice or care?! However, the better you look after yourself, the better you’ll feel. I promise.

Give your skin some pampering, skip the make up but indulge in regular facials…think about coming out of this with amazing, glowing skin! Same with hair – don’t bother with straighteners for a while but instead nourish it with hair masks.

When lockdown is over and restrictions have been lifted, I think everyone will be super social for a while (until the novelty wears off!!)…look after yourself now and you’ll be feeling great and full of confidence.

6. Spread joy and happiness

What could you do to brighten up someone else’s day? Do you have any elderly neighbours who might need cheering up? Could you leave something on their doorstep perhaps?

Get the kids involved – draw some pictures, make cards, etc. I think one of the best things that has come out of this has been how communities have rallied around to look after each other. Perhaps send flowers to a loved one you can’t see or write a good, old fashioned letter. Think of it as a chance to reconnect even if you can’t do it in person.

7. Be mindful and appreciate the small things

Your world has shrunk to just your house…apart from daily walks or going to the shops, there’s not much to vary your day to day routine. Yes it can be a little boring but if you take the time to be mindful, stay in the moment and appreciate the little things, it will help.

It’s also great for managing anxiety. We don’t know what’s going to happen with Corona Virus over the next few weeks or months and that is overwhelming and scary. Focus on the here and now and only think about making today as good as possible. One day at a time.

In the morning, take your cuppa outside into the fresh air. Walk on the grass with bare feet, look up at the sky and breathe. Look for all the signs of Spring emerging. Flowers, blossom, sunshine, longer days. Seasons come and go and this shall pass.

8. Be grateful for what you have

Think about all the things in your life that you are grateful for. Write them down. Read them regularly. Practise focusing on them rather than all the things you’re worried about. I’m a firm believer that once you’re grateful for everything in your life, more good will come into it. Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want!

9. Positive vibes and mood shifters

Have a list of ‘go to’ ideas that will help shift your mood when you feel rubbish. Make a playlist full of upbeat, happy songs and get the whole family dancing. Likewise catch yourself if you find your thoughts becoming negative. Negative thoughts tend to create a downward spiral of more negative thoughts. You need to snap yourself out of it before it takes over your day.

Avoid things that make you feel negative…too much news and social media will definitely take it’s toll so switch off from it. Use one of the ideas for shifting your mood. Do anything, just don’t dwell on negativity.

Make the decision to be positive and be happy. Your mindset is everything.

Ultimately, there is so much in the world at the moment you have no control over. That’s a scary thing. It seems like life has changed dramatically, very quickly all due to the Corona virus. 

But at this point you have a choice…you can come out the other side a fitter, happier, stronger, more organised person or you can go the other way. Which do you want?

This is one thing that you DO control.

In years to come, this will all be a distant memory (hopefully) and you’ll reflect on it as being either the worst time of your life or one of the best.

I know that for anyone dealing with illness or working on the front line it’s not that simple, but for those of us who just have to stay home, it is. Chose how you want your day to go today and make it a good one. 

On that note, I’m off to have a cup of coffee on the balcony and watch James play in the sunshine 🙂 

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