Fear of failure…beat your barriers!

Fear of failure…beat your barriers!


Taking that leap of faith and signing up for something outside your comfort zone takes courage. There are often so many conflicting emotions bubbling away under the surface, it makes it almost impossible to make a decision. And then before you know it, the deadline has been and gone and you’ve missed out. Let’s get over that fear of failure.

In the next couple of posts, I’m going to look at some of these barriers and help you see that all is not lost. You CAN make changes and you CAN achieve your goals.

Some might resonate with you, some might not. But hopefully they’ll help you see that things that have happened in the past, don’t need to affect your future.

No more holding yourself back and self sabotaging before you’ve even started (believe me, it’s more common than you think).


This is a biggie and probably the most common one I come across.

Over the last couple of years I’ve had so many people who’ve wanted to sign up for my 8 week Kickstart Programme but haven’t because they have a fear of failure.

Most of the time it’s linked to past experiences but it seems that to invest in a programme and sign up to 8 weeks is too big a step for some people. And it is a commitment. You’ve got to be willing to really go for it and give it your all and if you’re worried about failing, you will be holding yourself back.

It’s almost like, ‘if you don’t try, you can’t fail’ kind of mentality.

Yet if you don’t try, you’ve already failed.

However, most of us know that…it’s just knowing that and doing something about it are two very different things!

This is pretty much the main reason why I created my ‘Back to Basics’ Bootcamp. At £20 and only 2 weeks long, it will hopefully stop you feeling overwhelmed and too far out of your comfort zone.

I’ve deliberately designed it so it’s a gentle nudge in the right direction rather than a complete overhaul. We’re aiming for lots of little wins that add up.

You WILL feel good for the whole 2 weeks because the only requirement is that you show up each day and try your best. I’m with you the whole way to bolster your confidence and support you as much as you need.

We aren’t aiming for perfection, just progress. No more fear of failure.

And you’ll be part of a private Facebook group with other women who are on exactly the same journey. It is amazing what having a strong support network can do.

Sooooo if fear of failure is holding you back, take a deep breath, click on the link below and get signed up???

I guarantee as soon as you’ve done that, you’ll feel pretty proud of yourself. It’s a win in itself ?

❤️And I generally find once you’ve stepped out of your comfort zone in one area, it gives you the confidence to do more. Make 2020 the year you let go of your fear and allow yourself to find out what you’re really capable of ❤️

Remember you need to be signed up by the 1st January. Don’t wait until the last minute (so you can constantly doubt yourself and change your mind), do it NOW. No procrastinating, just action.



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