Diet of abundance NOT deprivation – tip of the day!

Diet of abundance NOT deprivation – tip of the day!

⭐️TOP TIP – diet of abundance ⭐️

It’s all about those little changes. Complete overhaul of your lifestyle is overwhelming and rarely works. Instead focus on little things you can do each day to be healthier and feel happier.

I never tell my clients they need to cut anything out of their diets…it’s usually the quickest way to make them crave it!

Instead we focus on what they could add in. More fresh fruit and veggies, healthy fats, lean protein and healthy, whole grain carbs.

Aim for a diet of abundance not deprivation.

The more you fill your body with goodness, the less you’ll crave junk food and the better you’ll feel. Little by little you’ll turn the balance in favour of healthy, wholesome foods and your body will thank-you for it. We aren’t aiming for perfection, just progress. That way if an occasional treat slips in, it isn’t the end of the world. Just tip the scales back in your favour by eating a super healthy meal filled with goodness and whack up that water intake. You’ll feel better instantly.

Weight loss/ weight gain isn’t instant…how you feel is.

Today, eat foods that fill you with energy and help you glow, inside and out. Drink plenty of water. Nourish your body.

….this is all advice I’ve reminded myself of today! After a few too many Proseccos and treats yesterday (it was my birthday after all!), I needed to redress the balance. After a day of healthy eating, lots of water and no booze, I’m finishing the day feeling a lot better than when I started!! Onwards and upwards.

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