Stop saying I wish, say I will

What’s your starting point? Back on it September!

What’s your starting point? Back on it September!

Step 1: Know your starting point

It’s always tempting to skip this step. After all, it can be slightly depressing to take weight/ measurements that have crept up.


It is still necessary.

You need to know where you’re starting from so you can see your progress. It’s very easy to stick your head in the sand when it comes to weight creeping on. After all, it doesn’t happen overnight.

It’s why a lot of people only decide to get into shape when they see an unflattering picture of themselves or clothes no longer fit. The problem with that is it means your starting from a very negative place where you are already beating yourself up and feeling crap.

Instead, make the decision to get into shape and sort out your diet because you want to FEEL good, not just look good.

Plus, I can guarantee, if you don’t record your starting point now, there will be a point in a few weeks where you’ll kick yourself. There is nothing more motivating than seeing progress.

So on that note, join in with me today…

1. Measure yourself using the guide in pics below

2. Weigh yourself (if you want…I prefer measurements but I know a lot of people like to track weight too)

3. Take some pictures. Ideally in underwear or tight fitting clothes so you can see your body shape (after they’re just for you)

I’ve just done mine. 4 weeks of treats and alcohol has meant I’ve crept up a kilo in weight (which isn’t that bad considering) and my tummy measurement has gone up by 4 cm since the start of the summer…which I knew as clothes were beginning to feel snug again. Oh well. Back on it.

I’ve decided that to get James used to the creche at the gym, I need to go every day for a week or so. This has the added bonus of getting me back on the exercise train. Two days in and I already feel better. I ran 5km today and although it’s no where near my best time, I didn’t feel as sluggish as I thought I would.

What one thing could you do today to get you heading back in the right direction. One thing at a time!     

progress measurements


5km run-starting point