Benefits of drinking water – just do one thing today

Benefits of drinking water – just do one thing today

There are soooo many benefits of drinking water. It’s possibly THE best thing you can be doing for your health.

Free, easy and has the power to make you glow and feel great – what’s not to love? If it was sold as a ‘miracle tonic’, it would fly off the shelves. Yet, most of us don’t drink anywhere near enough.

I think it almost feels too easy, right?! Drink 2-3 litres a day and you’ll feel amazing? What’s the catch? There really isn’t one. It IS that easy and it IS that important.

Water is life giving. Around 60% of our body is water with some of our vital organs (heart, lungs, brain) made up of even more. We are more water than anything else. It therefore isn’t surprising that the more water we drink, the better our body feels and performs.

Benefits of drinking water:

  1. Feel more alert

    The brain is made up of over 70% water. Drink more to help focus, concentration and memory. It’ll also help prevent headaches and migraines

  2. Function better

    Water helps flush through the digestive system getting rid of waste and preventing constipation. It helps muscles recover and repair quicker and allows organs to do their job efficiently.

  3. Look younger

    Bright eyes, glowing skin, bouncy hair are all signs of a properly hydrated body. Pinch the skin on the back of your hand…it should bounce back fairly quickly. If it doesn’t, drink more for the next week or so and try again. Water plumps up and improves elasticity so you’ll stay looking younger for longer. Excellent!

  4. Improve your mood

    Amazingly drinking water has also been shown to reduce anxiety and make you generally feel better emotionally.

  5. Instant results

    This is probably my favourite thing about water…you feel the impact almost immediately. It’s not a long process and it’s fairly easy to rehydrate and stay rehydrated. Just drink more and continue to drink more! Job done!


Try this today:

  • Drink a hot water with a squeeze or slice of lemon as first thing in the morning. It helps your body wake up and gets everything moving (literally).


  • Set a reminder on your phone to drink every half an hour or set an hourly target.


  • Drink a large glass of water half an hour before eating. It’ll help ensure you’re eating through genuine hunger not thirst.


  • Try a mug of hot water with sprinkle / stick of cinnamon in the afternoon. Together they’ll reduce sugar cravings and help you resist the temptation of the biscuit tin!


  • Enjoy a peppermint tea after dinner. Herbal tea is a great way to stay hydrated – it’s not a diuretic like normal tea. Peppermint is particularly great after a meal. It aids digestion, soothes the tummy and sends a signal to brain that the stomach has finished for the night. Perfect for allowing your body to start to unwind before bed.


I hope this helps encourage you to do just one thing for your health today. That one thing will then hopefully lead to another and another. Give it a go and see how you get on.

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